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#933088 Nov 11, 2008 at 02:47 PM
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Found this on a website, I can't take credit for any of it. say 'lol' instead of actually laughing.

...your child is born. You say "W00t! Is there an officer to add her to the guild?" see roadkill you stop to skin i. realize that if you went to sleep right now, you would only get 5 hours of sleep before work...and decide you could probably function on only 4. see little yellow exclamation points over your bosses heads.

...before you get in your car you roll your hands together before mounting your car.

...on the day of your 60th birthday you go to the neighbouring towns primary schools and beat up on all the children there. own the atlas. change your homepage to Thottbot/WOWHead/etc. make a website devoted to your WoW character. spend over 8 hours straight online playing.

...those 8 hours are during the night/morning & you didn't get any sleep. make your own WoW wallpaper.

...the wallpaper features your character(s). preordered the 'Wrath of The Lichking' expansion back. know the meaning of "my night elf is mining". get confused or upset because you can't walk through people in real life. have at least/more than 4 level 70 characters. refer to getting in trouble with your boss as "pulling aggro". wish you could set your hearthstone to some place tropical (or snowy depending on your taste). avoid most bodies of water for fear of murlocs coming after you. refer to your car/bike/suv/etc as your "mount". get to a new city or town in the real world & you start looking for the flight master. think of organizing a raid on a rival sports team's city or town. go to buy a purse/messanger bag or backpack, & your first question is "How many slots does it have?" wish you were a Paladin or Warlock in the real world just so you could have a free car. wonder why a little gear doesn't appear when you go to open something. wonder how high your locking picking skill has to be to open things in the real world. want to refer to your "to-do" list as your "quest log." constantly try to click to change camera angle on all screenshots/pictures you look at online. make your own WoW screensaver. tell someone who is annoying you to DIAF. have ever used the word "Leeroy" as a verb in a conversaion IRL. see plants/flowers and contemplate what WoW plant they look like. tell someone you need to finish this quest before you can go to lunch.

...when you see flora on the side of the road and you are tempted to swerve the car off the road, shouting, "BRB, herb!" have a lisence plate that reads: 4DAHORDE (someone has actually seen this)

...your RL friends call you by your main characters name.

...your 4-year-old brother knows that the Alliance (or Horde) are the bad guys.

...your 4 year old brother was inspired to make his own character. see more of one of your RL friends in game than IRL.

...your spouse or lover wonders what they have to do to have sex with you and you reply "First, go kill 6 boars."

...while on long road trips, you think to yourself "too bad I can't click to follow."

...again, while on long road trips, your significant other looks at you and says "we need a portal to (insert city name here)"

...your cell phone's ringtone is WOW inspired start thinking of your co-workers in terms of what their WoW counterparts would be. give people walking their dogs an extra wide berth so you don't aggro them. ask if someone can port you to New Yor think Hiro from the tv show Heros would make an awesome Mage. size up mailboxes to see if they will take your weight for a quick dance.'re driving down a road and you see a colorful tent and you think "oh, the Darkmoon Faire must be in town".

...when planning your Thanksgiving holiday plans, you wonder how much silver it will run you to fly the gryphon to your parents' house. wonder why all the hunters have the same pet when you walk through your local dog park. talk to your brother more as a gnome than over the phone. end up blogging about WoW. wonder why a five foot staff won't fit in your bookbag. (But you had an open slot!!)

..."Elune be praised" is the first thing you say upon meeting one of the clergy. don't look for the mall directory...instead, you look for the nearest security guard, point, and say "Right click!" won't get a car, but rather a motorcycle because "That's my class mount."

...your idea of a pick-up line is "/flirt."

...or any of the racial pick-up lines, verbatim. ("Wanna bring out the animal in me?")’re in a meeting with the boss and you wonder “If I sheep him I can go to the bathroom and be back before he transforms back”.

...all you do all day at work is watch PVP videos when you should be working. wake up at your keyboard and you see you've gained levels or gotten stuff and don't remeber it. (hint: you did it in your sleep) go to the store and start auctioning for the last roll of bread. watch wow movies and you try to right click to look around.’re typing into party chat to convey a message to the person sitting with you in the same room. say grats to someone on their birthday. say “Back slash cry” , “Back slash slap” or "Back slash Dance” to your friends in real life instead of actually doing it.

...your little brother asks you to make him a sandwich and you say “bring me the mats”'s 8 o'clock p.m. and you realize you havent moved out of your chair since yesterday. see a motorcyclist with a red bandana over his face and you think "Defias Bandit".

...your husband calls you from work, and asks you to go on his character and see if his stuff sold at the AH.

...your boss lets you outta work early, cause you signed up for a guild raid. wonder how easy it would be to blink through traffic. go into a jewelry store and tell the salesperson that you are shopping for BoP ring with good stats! are talking to a friend and he is telling you to meet him somewhere and you ask him if he can just summon you there. and your partner's idea of a night together is playing WoW! go outside to smoke only half a cigarette instead of a whole one because you don’t want to miss anything and you only smoke while your character’s flying from one location to another. used to WoW to quit smoking, only now you're addicted to WoW instead! can’t wait to talk to your guild-mates because they’re more friends to you than your friends in real life are.’re trying to go to sleep but all you can think about is what you’re going to do on WoW tomorrow or get mad at yourself, because you didn’t finish a quest.

...your only social time with your real life friends during server maintenance on Tuesday. refer to wearing expensive clothing as “twinking”.

...your sibling is annoying you and you try /ignore.’s time for a midnight snack, you go into stealth and say “Vdgeeeew”

...someone irl starts to annoy you, you turn to them, stick out your hands and yell Frost Shock! pass up an expensive dinner to go to BRD. program the coffeemaker so you have a fresh pot ready when the raid starts. start to wonder what you could have been doing in WoW while you sat here and read all of these. ask your guild mates for help on homework. convert your parents to WoW.

...your sister asks you to kill a spider in her room and you ask what level is it. set your watch and clocks at home to server time. walk into your least favorite class and see in your mind yellow writing that says "You are now Hated With World Civ I." are eating and drinking at the same time and believe that you are recovering mana and health over a period of 30 sec. find yourself dancing the same way that your character on WoW does. go to a new place you happen to blurt out (on accident) "Discovered (na of place): gained 560 exp!" know that Arathi Basin isn't a giant tub in some remote place. fall down or trip you wish you had bubbled yourself so it would absorb the damage. go shopping and ask the clerk, what mobs you gotta grind for the 10% rep discount.

...a friend asks to borrow your stuff, you say "Sorry its Soulbound". decide not to bother eating and drinking anymore, because your spirits so high, you can just sit around and regen. carry all your stuff around with you in 4 bags and a backpack. look to buy real money over the internet with WoW gold. go into your local bank and try deposit a sword and a crossbow into your bank account. and your friends get confronted by a gang, you turn to one of your friends and say "Sheep the left one". start placing cardboard cutout skulls, crosses, moons and diamonds over random strangers heads. only turn up to school once every two years to collect your new skills. try something and fail, you blame it on lag. get hungry and ask someone to conjure you some muffins and water. steal plants from your neighbours garden to conjure some potions. say "grats" each time your microwave says "Ding".

...your boss asks where you have been, and you say "I was AFK". go to the bank and walk right up to the teller regardless of the people in front of you.

...the sun in-game hurts your eyes.

...ask your mom if she can buy you a certain piece of armor or a weapon on WoW for Christmas. are about to punch out at work and you tell your friend who is your ride home "k give me a few seconds I'm going to log out"

...your BF/GF leaves you for a Trekkie because it's less obsessive. go to the grocery store to buy "mats".'re walking your dog, and it starts barking at a squirrel, and you think, "Crap, should have set her on defensive."

...your mom/wife tells you to help make dinner and you respond with "My cooking skill isn't high enough!" go camping with friends, and wish you had some noggin fogger.

...while standing on bridges, you randomly yell out enchants you can do, but clarify that people need to bring their own mats, tips appreciated. devote more time to WoW than your life.'re thirsty, you yell out /OOM! ask for a raise and you mention that you'll also take, World of Warcraft gametime cards, epic items, or gold as part of your raise.

...for your Christmas bonus, your boss gives you the money for your epic flying mount.

...instead of doing your job or school work, you plot what you are going to do once you get back on World of Warcraft.

...instead of typing up an important document for work or taking notes in school you write/type your plans for your next raid. go to your bank and try to take out a loan for your epic flying mount. have already planned out your character for the expansion.'ve seen those tips at the loading screen so many times that you've memorized them all. say bye when leaving your friend's house by saying "I'm hearthing". can only eat or drink while sitting. don’t know someone’s name and you look above their head.

...talking cows and zombies don’t scare you try to find a Mini Diablo at the local pet store. walk to the next nearest city so you can fly there next time.

...someone asks you where something is and you yell at them to look it up on thottbot. matter what you’re doing on your computer, you first put three fingers on the A, W, and D keys. ask everyone you meet, “Wanna join my guild?”

...someone asks you to pick up something for them and you say “Inventory is Full.”

...collect the trading cards, but don't play the game. plan to name your children after people in the WarCraft lore. see someone wearing designer clothes and think "twink". not only use this as a checklist, you actually do things in game you never would have thought of doing before you read this list.

...having read this, you now want to play. can read, write and speak one or more of the WarCraft langauges.
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#936324 Nov 12, 2008 at 09:25 AM
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#937826 Nov 12, 2008 at 09:22 PM
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lol, this list is great
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#937981 Nov 12, 2008 at 11:34 PM
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this is missing one from an old post:

When driving down the road past a police cruiser you find yourself hoping you dont aggro him.

Da mihi sis bubulae frustrum assae, solana tuberosa in modo gallico fricta, ac quassum lactatum coagulatum crassum.
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